Young Professional Spotlight: Kate Scott, Account Executive - RODE Advertising

By Ellie Cornell - Barnard

What exactly is advertising?

Today, advertising has changed a lot. It’s a very engaged process that consists of branding, being consistent across platforms, all with the goal of reaching many people. I work on the account side of the agency. I help our clients reach their desired customer.

What coursework does one take in undergrad to be prepared for your job?

One major that would preare a student to become an account executive or to work in advertising would be Public Relations. Many classes offered have a branding focus. There are small pieces in various classes related to marketing, advertising, communications that can prepare you for this type of work. I attended Boston University’s communications school which was very hands on.

How should we brand ourselves?

Be consistent and have a brand that appeals to who you are trying to reach. Try to create something that is original.