Why Did You Pick Princeton? | College Selection Advice

By Victoria Scott - Princeton University

I'm currently a Sophomore at Princeton University, studying Computer Science. I'm originally from New Jersey and started a NextGenVest Chapter in High School - now I'm a College Fellow and have put together my advice for applying to colleges! 

How Did You Pick Princeton?

I picked my school for its strong undergraduate program and overall environment. I looked at the students when picking a university. The students are great indicators for figuring out the campus environment and what life at the specific university is like. It’s difficult to know if the school fits your personality without visiting campus and talking to students.

What’s the Best Way to Get to Know a Campus?

I think talking to students you will be able to gauge how you will fit in a certain university although this should not be your only way of figuring out if the university fits your personality. Of course there are many changes that occur during college to you personality wise so you might even be able to mold to the university personality. The people helped me decide—it was definitely an environment I wanted to be in.

Did You Actually Do Any Research on the Website?

On my Princeton’s website there is information about life in the residential college, news from what students and professors are doing around campus, and more information about the university. Of course every university’s website is biased and will try to paint themselves in the best light possible so you must use with discretion and talk to as many students as possible about their personal experiences.

How Did You Get Your Questions Answered?

On college tours you will be lead by an actual student so the best way to find out about campus life is to ask your tour guide about their experience at the university. Do they like it? Are they enjoying classes? What else do they do on campus?

Any Other Ways?

During your interview is a great time to ask questions as well. Your interviewer is an alum who is volunteering their time to interview you! Ask them questions about their personal experience at the university to get a feel for the university.

What Do You Wish Someone Had Told You Before Applying?

Start early. Get your essay done before you begin your senior year. Also try to finish your testing up in junior year so you can spend more time perfecting your essay.

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