What's It Like To Be a NextGenVest.com City Captain?

NextGenVest.com is constantly growing as a company. Throughout it's existence, there have been opportunities for students all over the country to gain meaningful and fun experience with the business through different types of internships. The newest internship is called the City Captain.

City Captains are in each of the many cities that NextGenVest is making a huge presence in - New York City, Houston, Miami, San Diego, Chicago, Washington D.C., San Jose, and so many more! This awesome group of interns are huge leaders in their colleges and communities, making a gigantic impact on the college bound students in their cities. Ultimately they set up presentations for NextGenVest to get students set up with their own Money Mentors, and ensure that they are giving the best treatment possible to the students in their area.

Recently I was given a wonderful opportunity to get a bit of insight from these awesome City Captains to get to know them a little better! Who knows, maybe they'll be coming into your city soon!

One thing that I asked the City Captains was "What do you hope to do for your future career and why?" This was a fun question for us to get to know our City Captains a little better on a bit of a personal level. Stephen Opet, the City Captain of Jersey City in New Jersey said, "When I was little, my dream for the future was to become an inventor. In a way, I still have the same dream; I hope that my education will provide me with the knowledge necessary to work on the cutting-edge technological advancements I will see in my lifetime." Elizabeth Mazariego, a social work major and City Captain of Los Angeles said, "In my future career, I hope to work in a Juvenile Detention center as a social worker. My passion had always been to help those in need and I didn't want to help those going into trouble, but the ones who were already in trouble to help them get out of the situation. I want to turn their lives around." It's really interesting and cool to see that although these interns are interested in two completely different job prospects, they are each gaining valuable knowledge and experience from this internship with NextGenVest.com!

Bringing the conversation to a bit more of a senior note, I asked the City Captains about their own financial aid situations. "I really hated having to fill out the different forms when applying for aid," said Ekunda Wonodi, the City Captain from Philadelphia, Pennsylvania and an Economics major at the University of Philadelphia. "I remember pestering my parents for help but they insisted I fill out the forms myself. The FAFSA was not too bad but I had to complete the CSS form which was a pain. There were far too many questions and the whole time I was wondering what the relevance of some of them were. None the less, filling out the forms was VERY inconvenient and it makes me sad that I have to fill them out every year. But at least I received some aid so that is the upside."

Another City Captain, Eric VanDegrift from the San Jose State University majoring in communications and public relations, said "I was fortunate enough to have excellent resources at my high school for my financial aid process and incredibly supportive parents that are currently helping me pay for college. I want others to feel the same as I do towards the process and that's why I am a City Captain." Stephen Opet from Jersey City also mentioned "The most difficult part of my financial aid process was figuring out how to properly submit the FASFA. To a high school student, the FASFA can seem like the longest and most intimidating pile of paperwork I'd ever seen; if it hadn't been for my mom and her help, I would have been truly lost. But even with two heads working on the documents, we had spend many days calling around and doing research, to ensure we were filling the FASFA out properly."

I also was given the chance to ask the City Captains what skills they think they are able to develop or improve on through their NextGenVest.com internship. Paramjot Kaur, our City Captain of New York City majoring in economics and astronomy at New York University, said, "My professional skills have sharpened. As a City City, the learning curve is steep. Operations are always developing and you have to work hard to stay on track. Our CEO, Kelly Peeler, is a wonderful mentor who cares for the growth of her interns and provides a plethora of opportunities for us to contribute to the cities we operate in. It's a great experience!" Ekunda Wonodi also added "Being a City Captain has definitely helped me develop my time management skills. I am learning how to juggle school, my extracurricular commitments and my city captain duties."

Eric VanDegrift mentioned, "As a City Captain, I think this opportunity can develop a sense of confidence in the way I communicate with others, whether that be school counselors or students. I believe I can improve on my time management skills through being a City Captain as well." Later on, Elizabeth Mazariego spoke about her improvement, stating, "Skills that i developed have been my professionalism on emails. Before NextGenVest, I did not know how to send a proper email. Another skills was being able to step out of my comfort zone. Generally I dislike simple things as talking on the phone, but luckily with NextGenVest I got over my fear of something as small as that. I realized talking to people would be something useful for a feature career as i will need to reach out for future clients."

Thanks to all of the awesome City Captains from NextGenVest.com for their wonderful answers! There are plenty of City Captains out there in tons of cities across the USA! Are we in your city yet? Find our and get matched with your own Money Mentor at NextGenVest.com!