What is Linkedin Like to Work at? Interview with a Professional

By Saidi Moseley - The Ursuline School

During NexGenVest's Fall 2014 Global Business Leaders Summit, students had the opportunity to speak with professionals in a range of fields.  We spoke with Derrick Fu, Sales Development Specialist at LinkedIn.

What does your everyday look like?  

I partner with sales organizations to find and engage new prospects. I talk to sales and marketing leaders to help understand their business challenges and goals and how they can use LinkedIn to drive more business and create sales reps.

What does your day look like from waking up to going home in the evening? 

I live in Queens so around 6 am I get a head start andcommute to Manhattan, go to the gym, and get to work around 9 am. Once in the office, I start conversations with sales and marketing leaders from 9 to 5. My goal is to help someone think about their business in a positive way.

What do you like most about your job? 

I like the people, the diversity, and the company's vision to create economic opportunity for every member of the global workforce.

What types of personalities or strengths are required for your job? 

Definitely a strong sense of curiousity.

What would have done differently financially in college and why?

I would have started building a credit score earlier, tried investing in stocks. It leads to a better sense of what your net worth and what your assets are.

How did you learn about and land internships in college?

I learned about opportunties through relationships. Relationships that you build matter. Have a genuine conversation to build a real relationship and you'll make a great impression.

What is one financial mistake you have made in the past? 

I didn't take a proactive approach to improving my financial knowledge and wish I had earlier.

What was the starting salary of your job?

The starting salary of my first job was $55-60k. I also work on commission so living expenses definitely mattered. Chicago and San Francisco living expenses are high but you knew you were going for a professional experience

What skills do you wish you had developed in college?

I want to learn how to do sales now but the methodology of sales, for example, public speaking and connecting with people, I didn't spend time on learning. I wish I had spent time on that and had built my credit score earlier

What are three financial or career pieces of advice for students? 

1. Make mistakes, that's when you'll learn the most and find mentors.

2. Invest in your peers. Network with people you are comfortable with.

3. Be cautious with advice. Not everything you're told is right for you so understand what you want to do and take the best from what you're offered.

What is your advice for students thinking about different career paths?

Think about the stories you want to tell, the impact you'll make, what you'll learn. Don't think about brands but, instead, think about what YOU want to do. Be genuine in whatever you do. Follow your dreams and try to help someone in the process. 

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