What I Wish I Knew as a 9th Grader at Seoul Global High School

By Young Min Kim - Seoul Global High School

Freshman year in Seoul Global High School is one of the busiest and is overwhelming for most students. One of the most important elements to adapt to is how to be responsible with money. Below is my advice for new 9th graders!

Avoiding Textbook Costs: Ask an 11th Grader

Because Seoul Global High School’s curriculum is different from other ordinary schools, its textbooks are also different. In Economics class and Human Geography classes, students use special textbooks such as Principles of Economics and Contemporary Human Geography. Most students think to buy these books themselves, but they are quite expensive and even hard to find. The price of principles of Economics is at least 43000w in Korea, and more expensive in other countries. So when students try to buy this book, it often runs out of stock, which is always frustrating to students. 

However, the Seoul Global High School’s Student Council helps students save by collecting books from juniors and giving them to freshman for a lower amount. Make sure to look out for this exchange! 

Carry Your Wallet, But Limit Your Snacks

As a freshman, you will use the cafeteria’s canteen many times. The cafeteria only accepts paper money, not a card. So students should carry their wallet every time if they do not want to have to owe their friends. In the canteen, most of the food items are under 2500w, which is fairly cheap for ice cream or a snack. But beware of not going more than 3 times a week because your costs will go up very quickly!

Carry Your Wallet, To Donate!

In Seoul Global High School, there are lots of student organizations and many students join in at least 2-3 clubs. These clubs do various campaigns to support important causes such as Helping a North Korean Defector. Because these projects often run in the lunchtime and quickly, students need to carry their wallet to participate in them.

Avoid Extra Transportation Expenses: Go Home

All Seoul Global High School students live in a dormitory whether they live in Seoul or other cities. If you live in Seoul, you should go back to your home for a week over vacation and if you live in another city, you should go back to house for a month. Why? Students that live in Seoul frequently use the transportation system which is expensive. Many students do not factor in transportation expenses on the weekdays and spend too much. It’s much cheaper at home as opposed to commuting.

Freshman year is a lot to adjust to! For more tips on how to be smart with money and college, check out NextGenVest.com!