We've Found the Best Holiday Gifts for Your Family for Only $75

By Noah Russo - Fordham Prep

You probably don't get your holiday shopping done until a few days before. Its stressful and you never actually get good gifts. Read below on how you can get great gifts without breaking the bank. For $75, you can give everyone in your family the perfect gift this holiday season.

For Your Mom:

Umbra’s Partridge Jewelry Tree. This unique way to organize jewelry has little birds on each branch that act as a hook to keep jewelry from falling off. The branches swivel and its a guaranteed mom favorite. You can purchase it on Amazon for $36.99

Umbra Partridge Acrylic Jewelry Tree

For Your Dad:

The Anker Universal Cell Phone Car Mount. Most dads will love this so they can avoid having to ask for directions! The Anker adjusts to any size to accommodate to any phone and has 360 degree rotation. The best part, it only costs $9.99 on Amazon! 


For A Younger Brother:

Syma Channel RC Helicopter with Gyro is perfect for a younger brother. It's easy to fly and is great for beginners. Its stable flight characteristics minimize crashes and allow for an overall fun day. This comes in a variety of colors and is availalbe on Amazon for $15.50. Boom! 


For A Sister:

Stainless Steel Polished Heart Charm Bracelet. The beautiful Stainless Steel Polished Heart Charm Bracelet is perfect for any sister. It won’t rust or face and the links allow you to adjust for size. Even better, it’s only $12.95 on Amazon, even though she doesn’t need to know that!