Want To Be Heard? 5 Steps To Promoting Your NextGenVest Professional Voice

By Caroline Jobson - Hathaway Brown - Ohio Regional Director - Shaker Heights, OH

Looking to improve your online presence? Check out these tips to expand your digital voice and sphere of influence. Have you ever Googled yourself? Were you proud of what came up? Would you be comfortable with a college admissions officer seeing it? If so, great job, you're on your way to cultivating an impressive online personal narrative. If not, well, then you need to improve your online presence. Luckily, you can do that with NextGenVest by writing about compelling topics and promoting them in a professional way. These 5 tips will help get your work to those looking for the information you’re providing and will actively contribute to a positive online presence for yourself.

Social Media - Strategic Sharing.

Be proud of your work and increase the chances of having it appear under your name by sharing. Share a link to your writing with friends via the social media platforms Facebook, Twitter, and even Instagram.  You can take a screenshot of your article on the web and post the image to your feed with its link, the hashtag #NextGenVest, and remember to include other high-traffic (but relevant) hashtags to be seen by more viewers.

Don't Give Up On Print.

By submitting your piece to print publications in addition to the NGV website, you're increasing the number of eyes on your work. Try submitting your NGV article to your school newspaper, local gazette, or literary publication. They can print your piece and mention where it was originally published, not only alerting your classmates to the fact you’re writing for an online publication but also help a wider audience learn about your school’s chapter of NGV.

Use LinkedIn & Twitter To Your Advantage. 

If you have already taken NextGenVest's "Creating Your First Resume" Course then you know the importance of LinkedIn. If you have attended a NextGenVest event hosted by NGV College Fellows, then you also likely already have a LinkedIn account. If you do, upload your NGV article to the publications section of your Linkedin Profile or share the link in a status as a way to add valuable experiences to your professional profile.Twitter is also a great resource for getting your name out there and succinctly creating a thoughtful professional narrative. Tweet about current events that relate to your club topic, retweet relevant articles from other media outlets that could also educate NGV Club Members, and tweet at journalists or interesting professionals to share your work or ask questions.

Spread The Word At Your School.

Offer NGV articles to students of all grade levels and disciplines and find a platform through which to distribute student articles school-wide. For example, at my school, the college counseling office frequently mails articles to students and their families specifically tailored to their grade level and stage in the college process.Along with this, students about to head to college could receive NGV student-written articles on managing their personal finances as they take their first steps towards financial independence away from home. By bundling the school-given information with independent NGV publications, the NGV brand and your professional work is given extra exposure and weight with students and their families.

Reach Out To The Community.

Host small talks for non-NGV Club members at your school or local library to attract new readership and membership. Issues could range from personal finance and investing basics, to the college process and testing tips, to job prep and entrepreneurship. You voice deserves to be heard and optimizing your online presence only amplifies it.

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