Using your WFU ID for Discounts in Winston-Salem

By Gabriel Wise - Wake Forest University

I know it’s easy to feel invincible with your parent’s credit card in hand, but a little discount can go a long way throughout the semester. Lucky for you, there are a few essential locations in town where Wake Forest students can receive much-needed discounts with their student ID.

Lowe’s Food

Shopping for groceries around town? You’ll be busy with schoolwork during the week, so head over to Lowe’s Foods on Sunday to restock on your weekly snacks and groceries. Present your WFU Student ID at checkout, and Lowe’s will take 10% off the cost of your basket. Use this discount to grab another container of that “healthy” cookie dough… or maybe another Growler from the Beer Den.

Brynn’s Frozen Yogurt

Looking for a (legal) midweek pick-me-up? Brynn’s offers a variety of frozen yogurt options that will wipe the grime of a dirty basement right away. Use your student ID at checkout and Brynn’s will take 10% off of your order. Don’t wait for them to ask, as this discount is not readily advertised. And remember: calories only count if you pay full price for them, so go ahead and get that extra layer of toppings.

The Grand 18 Theatre

Like most Wake Forest students, you need to get away from the stress of daily life here on campus. Unlike most Wake Forest students, you can do this without the use of anything that comes in a brown paper bag. Head over to The Grand 18 Theatre from Sunday to Thursday and get two dollars off your ticket after 6pm. Go with a couple of friends and use the cumulative discount to stock up on overpriced theatre food.

These are a few of the numerous valuable discounts that you will find around campus. Become a conscientious consumer and take control of your finances, as these small discounts will make a large impact throughout the semester. Who knows, you might even be able to delay tapping into that trust fund for a couple more years.

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