City Captain Interview With Michaela Frank

Where do you currently go to college and what do you study? How do you choose?
I go to Sage College of Albany for Graphic Design. I chose the school since it's small and the teachers really care about the students. Not to menion it's one of the top 50 design schools in the US, and 12th overall!

Where did you go to high school? Describe what you did in high school
I went to Oneonta High School. I was a pretty involved teen, on the robotics team, National Art Honor Society, a girl scout, art club, AP, etc. I was very artistic and my schedule was full of art classes

What was one thing that you learned in paying for college yourself? How did you decide between different schools?
For me, price was definitely a factor but I didn't want to go to a public college and get a lesser education just because of price tags. I knew I could get a really great career out of an education at Sage so I did everything I could to get here. One of the hardest things was covering the small (but still too expensive to pay out of pocket) remaining cost after all my financial aid. Private loans were hard to secure since no one in my family had good enough credit to cosign. My first couple years I had a family friend cosign for me, and now I've gotten a credit card and am building my credit up enough to not need a cosigner but it's very stressful to not know if you can afford each semester.

How did you hear about NextGenVest and what do you currently do as an intern?
I heard about NextGenVest on my college class' facebook group. I started as an Outreach leader and stepped up to City Captain since no one was in my city yet to do it.

What's one thing you've learned as an intern so far and how do you think it will be applied in your future career?
Being an intern with NGV has given me a lot of marketable skills and has even already landed me a job opportunity as the head of fundraising outreach for a local franchise business! Not to mention I've made new friends from doing in person outreach, and a volunteer opportunity with a local charter school.

Why do you enjoy your internship?
I love it! It's a great experience and the pay is a huge bonus. The City Captain team is pleasantly competitive with one another which pushes us all to be more successful captains.