Top 5 Georgetown Freshman Money Fails

By Sarah Smith, Georgetown

Spending all your Flex Dollars at Once 

Flex Dollars are extra dollars you get with your meal plan to use at places like Epi, The Corp, Starbucks and more around campus! Flex Dollars may seem like free money (and who doesn’t love spending free money), so it’s super tempting to spend them all at once. However, when you’re dying for a late night Epi quesadilla towards the end of the semester, you’ll wish you had some flex leftover. Some things are worth the wait!

Avoiding Leo’s

Good old Leo’s, some love (or at least tolerate) it while others love to hate it. Either way, Leo’s is Georgetown’s only dining hall. DC offers thousands of delicious restaurants, and while I highly recommend taking advantage of the cuisine it has to offer, it’s important to not get carried away. As tempting as it is to avoid, it’s important to use a meal swipe or two a day at Leo’s. Leo’s is also a great place to socialize (especially with other freshmen) and you don’t want to miss out on this vital part of the college experience!

Frequenting M Street

Right outside the gates of Georgetown, you’ll find M street. If you’re anything like me will become your second home. Filled with great restaurants, late night hangouts and the infamous Baked and Wired cupcake sho, M Street has a ton to offer including great shopping. It has stores like Lulu Lemon, H and M, Jcrew and Cusp, just to name a few, and it’s easy to go crazy with purchases. Shopping is best done in moderation and window shopping on a nice spring day can be just as much fun, and much more finically beneficial!

Forming an Uber Addiction

DC has everything: The White House, museums, landmarks and, a booming Uber business. Uber is great for when you need to get places quickly and can’t find a cab, but after a while it becomes tempting (and expensive) to Uber everywhere. The next time you’re considering Ubering from Epi to Harbin (Yes, really I’ve seen it done) or from the front gates to M street, try walking instead. It’s great exercise, free and you really get to see your campus/ city!

Not Taking Advantage of all the Free Opportunities DC has to Offer

DC has a ton of activities and what you may not know is that a lot of them are free!! It’s easy to get caught up in everything going on at school and to forget to take a look at the city that’s now your home. Be sure to visit the Smithsonian museums which offer amazing history and free admission, as well as heading to the national mall, the cherry blossom festival in the spring and many other free events that take place all year round!