Top 5 Apps Student Needs to Be Productive

By George Vasilakis - Fordham Prep

As a Fordham Prep student with a a packed sports, academic, and extra-curricular schedule, you need ot stay organized. Luckily, our NextGenVest Chapter has researched these top resources just for you. 


Trello, at its core, is an online planner. It uses cards as little reminders of homework, projects, tests, etc. On those cards, you can post comments, add due dates, upload files from OneDrive, add checklist, and even have the app notify you at certain times to do whatever it is you need to do. Trello can be accessed on all devices, not just cellphones. This app is especially helpful this year since we no longer have paper planners, and some teachers still don’t post their homework on Moodle.


EasyBib is an app that cites things for you, so you don’t have to worry about what to cite, how to cite it, and if you’re even doing it correctly. It can cite either from book barcodes using your phone’s camera or you can search and cite from a website. This app will make essay a lot less frustrating.


Quizlet is a popular study site that uses games, flashcards, and practice test to help you study. You can also join or create a group for a specific class/subject. This is especially good for classes with lots of vocabulary, like foreign language classes. The great thing about quizlet is that you never need to worry about losing your flashcards again. You can access your account from any device.

Khan Academy

Just can’t understand a certain topic in class despite attending consultation? Khan academy is on online learning center than can help you with that. It has a huge library of videos that teach everything from Geometry to A.P. Macro.

Honorable mention - Google Scholar

While this isn’t an app, this google service is great for finding reliable and accurate information for essays and research papers. Google scholar works differently than google, and only searches a database of published articles written by scholars and online books.