Tips for Scholarship Applications

Applying for scholarships is stressful. The thought of thousands of other people applying for the same scholarships can make anyone want to give up, but here are some tips that will give you the tools you need to make sure you get that scholarship.

Apply, Apply, Apply

A big part of getting scholarships is first putting yourself out there. After all, you miss 100% of the shots you don’t take! Websites such as Fastweb.com and Unigo can help you find specific scholarships based on your interests that will have a smaller applicant pool and will give you a better chance of obtaining the scholarship money. Also, the more applications you submit, the more likely you'll be to actually win one! Set aside plenty of time during the summer and dedicate it to filling out multiple applications. Spend some time now, save some money later!

Do The Essay

It’s tempting to look for scholarships that only require a simple, quick application, but scholarships that require essays are a great way to get ahead. Scholarship essays allow the team reviewing the applicants to learn about you and why you want to win the scholarship. Furthermore, scholarships with essays usually give quite a large chunk of money, and not as many people apply to them, which gives you a greater chance of winning.


Stand Out

The reviewers most likely will be reading hundreds of applications, so you want to make sure that your application stands out. Don't hesitate to ask your teachers, friends, and parents to look over your essays and help you improve them. If you're applying to a scholarship that requires a letter of recommendation, ask someone who you know will be able to provide specific reasons why you should get that scholarship. Most students quickly fill in the application and throw it in, so putting in the extra time and effort and thinking critically about how you can improve your application will help increase your chances of winning!