The Struggles of Picking Up a Last Minute Minor

When you’re in college, especially when you’re switching between schools and majors throughout your career, you end up with a lot of useless credits. If you’re a crazy person like me, you’ll end up with tons of general education credits that don’t even count towards anything, and barely enough credits left to squeeze a minor into your degree (you know, the one you desperately wanted to be a second major but just don’t have enough credits left cover by financial aid to make it work). It’s frustrating to say the least, especially when you decide to pick up a minor one year before you’re expected to graduate.

Choosing a minor last minute can be a lot more stressful and frustrating than you would probably think. If you’re thinking of doing the same thing, or have already done this, here are the major struggles you’ll probably be able to relate to.

  1. Not being able to get into any of the classes you need to fulfill the minor. The fantastically horrible thing about minors is that we have to take a lot of the same classes as someone in that major has to take, except for one thing… we don’t get to preregister for classes like people in the major do. So it’s basically the hunger games to fight your way into getting all of the classes you need to get that minor on your degree.

  2. If the minor requires you to take a 300 level course, don’t even bother. You’ll learn very fast that it’s basically impossible to get into 300 level upper educational courses, even if you’re in the major and able to pre register for them. So not being able to pre register? Forget about it!

  3. Begging a professor to sign you into a class that you need, but they totally won’t even take you seriously. Unfortunately because you’re not a student who is in that major and it’s only a minor, you won’t be a priority in the eyes of any professor. Unless you lie to them I guess, but that might not always work.

  4. Getting the “isn’t that a waste of time?” comments from other students or your parents who just don’t understand. For me, having a criminal justice minor will show that I put in the extra effort to learn more about the field I want to go into, which is social work with underprivileged children and juvenile delinquents. It makes sense to me, and that’s all that really matters.

  5. Somehow, your minor classes will always interfere with the classes that you need in order to finish your actual major. I have no clue why, but this seems to be a huge dilemma for me that I’ve seen first hand. It’s like the scheduling gods are purposely scheduling the classes I need at the same exact times, on the same exact days, so that I can’t take both.

  6. Having people question why you’re taking a class that’s not an easy A that’s not a part of your major. Most seniors are coasting through their last semesters with their hardest classes and then the rest are piece of cake easy A’s. So seeing someone take a 200 or 300 level course that has nothing to do with their major can definitely cause some alarm and raise some eyebrows.