The Cheap Way to do College Textbooks

When it comes to college, textbooks are usually a last-minute thought. The stresses of moving in, setting up classes, and adjusting to life at a university usually take priority over buying books. Most students buy their books from their school’s official bookstore, but this should be the last place to purchase textbooks. There are other ways that will take the expense and hassle out of buying your books for college.

Look for Other Places to Buy

A college’s bookstore is one of the most expensive options for buying your books. Check out some other places around town! Stores like Half-Price Books or 2nd and Charles can carry textbooks just like the textbook-specific shops that tend to be located near college campuses. There are also plenty of places online where you can order your books and have them shipped to you! Chegg, Amazon, and dozens of other sites that are just a Google away offer discounted prices on college textbooks.

Buy Used

Buying used books is the easiest way to get them cheaper. Don’t worry about buying them used, most of the time they’re in almost-new condition. There are really no huge benefits to buying your books new, and used books will always be cheaper. If you’re buying your books in person, you can see for yourself the wear and tear on the book, and if you’re ordering them online, you can usually pick the state of the book you wish to buy (like new, good, acceptable, etc).


A problem that all college students have to deal with is the pile of books lying around that they no longer need once the semester has ended. Unfortunately, it’s difficult to get a good price for your books when you try to sell them back to a company. Renting your books eliminates this problem. Not only do you get your books for a cheaper price, but once you’re done with the book, you return it (in-person or through the mail), and it’s all taken care of!