The Big 3 | Managing Your Self (3 min read)

By George Holmes - Loyola Charter School - NextGenVest Club President

Try these three guidlines to help manage your self, and present the best YOU you can.Gatorade has a slogan that describes the first step to success: “Win From Within.” Success starts with you, which is why self-management is such an important skill. Self-management takes many forms, from what you put on your social media to how you dress. After many tries and experiments, I’ve learned some key habits to help me better manage my time, safeguard my online image, and present myself well on the regular. Try these three tips and you too can win from within.

Write It Down

I have found that the best way to manage my time is to keep a written calendar. I write down all assignments and deadlines in an assignment book, as well as any events or important dates I need to remember. With a daily planner, assignment book, or calendar, you can see your whole week outlined in front of you. This type of holistic view of your schedule allows you to see when the best time to study for that test is, or when you can fit in finishing that essay. By writing everything down in an organized planner, you’ll never forget about a quiz or miss a due date again.

Think About Grandma

How you present yourself online is another aspect of self-management. Today, most students have some sort of social media presence, often (at least) a Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram (myself included). Many teenagers do not understand the impact social media profiles can have on their lives. You never know who is looking at your pages therefore be careful of what you share publicly. I use this as a general rule regarding social media: Don’t post it if you would mind your grandmother seeing it.


Putting effort into how you present yourself is a simple, straightforward way to make a good first impression. A good saying to remember is; dress as though you are going to meet the love of your life. This means being attired appropriately for the event, wearing clothes that fit (no sagging), and taking care to be well groomed. Be confident that what you are wearing and the image you are presenting to the world reflects positively on who really you are. 


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