The Best Ways To Prepare & Defeat The SAT

Ahhh... The SAT. What high school student does not fear this standardized test? But don't be scared! By getting a head start on practicing, you can overcome that fear and crush this test! Here are some tips to help you defeat the SAT.

Search Out Help At School

High school teachers and administrators know that SAT prep can be difficult and expensive, so most high schools offer a variety of free SAT prep resources to their students. Take advantage of these free opportunities given by school staff! Some schools offer free SAT practice tests or study groups, and some school libraries even have SAT prep books available for checkout. Ask your teachers and make use of these free resources offered by your school.

Download Smartphone Apps

There are several SAT prep apps – free and paid – available on the App Store and Play Store. Some great apps include SAT Up, SATFlash, and Daily Practice SAT. Using these apps daily over a long period of time can definitely improve your score on the SAT, so get started now!

Get Prep Books & Study Independently

There are tons of prep books to choose from, including Princeton Review, College Board, Barron’s, Kaplan, and others. I personally recommend the College Board’s official book featuring 4 full-length practice tests, because taking practice tests over and over again helped me dramatically improve my test scores. But everyone learns differently, so head to your nearest bookstore and flip through the prep books to see what works best for you.

Find Free SAT Prep Materials Online

If you're tight on cash, go online and find some free material for test prep! The best one out there is Khan Academy’s SAT practice. They teamed up with the College Board to bring you lots of video tutorials showing practice problems worked out, all for free!

Enroll In A Paid SAT Course

Taking an SAT prep course is one of the best ways to get a handle on the SAT material and learn how to strategize when taking the test. The SAT prep courses offered by Princeton Review, Kaplan, and Student-Tutor make studying for the SAT easier and much more manageable.

Get A Private Tutor

Don’t get me wrong — free resources and SAT prep courses are awesome. But if you want to take your SAT preparation one step further, then you should consider hiring a private SAT tutor. While they can be expensive, the one-on-one help is sure to make you an SAT champ!