The Best Cheap Eats that PALY Students Don’t Think of

By Kiran Misner - Palo Alto High School

Living in Palo Alto, most of the restaurants we eat at are expensive and sometimes not worth it. Being a high school student without a lot of money can be hard, so here are a few cheap eats that you may not have heard of.

Mayfield Bakery

With only 35 minutes to rush to Town and Country, chomp down your food, and sprint back to be on time for your next class, a sit down lunch at Mayfield Bakery is definitely not an option. However, one of the best things about being a student at PALY is that restaurants all across Town and Country is that you get great deals and cheaper food. Mayfield Bakery offers a baguette and butter which is filling, but really tasty! Since there is no line at the bakery, you will have time to eat with your friends and take a luxurious walk back to class at the end of lunch.

Village Cheese House

Although it is a long walk to the back of Town and Country to get to this cozy room at the back corner of Town and Country renowned for its gigantic sandwiches, one dish stands out for both its quality and price. Village Cheese House’s soup of the day, ranging from wild chicken soup to tomato soup, is by far the best deal on their menu. Their soups are hearty and will warm you up on the coldest of days without breaking the bank. Each of their sandwiches range from 7-9$, while a large soup of the day cost you up to a maximum of 3$. If you’re ever looking for somewhere cheap and satisfying, village cheese house is the place for you!

Trader Joe's

As flocks of students run to Trader Joe's to get a wrap before they run out, many students don’t have a chance to get a lunch because TJ’s fills up so fast. Instead of checking out the entire store, however, they just leave to get to the closest restaurant next to Trader Joe’s. The frozen food section offers a variety of different cuisines, from Indian to Mexican to Italian, so you can choose the type of food. The best part of the whole experience is the price tag on the dish. The price usually ranges around 4-6% and you can heat it up right at the store! Take a trip to the free sample counter and they will heat it using the microwaves in the back. The food will come out hot, ready, and best of all, you can eat it knowing that you didn’t spend too much.

Paly Clubs

PALY offers many interesting clubs, including the NextGenVest Paly club and Samosa club, which will sometimes offer free food. For example, NextGenVest sponsors a free Chipotle Lunch for our club meetings based on competitions. Although the food itself is free, eating the food comes with a cost. If you are going to consume the food, you must also partake in the club’s activities. This means you must do what the regular club members do and not just show up on the days that the food comes. Being part of a club is a great opportunity to get good, quality food without touching your wallet, but the time commitment is something that you should think about before joining a certain group.

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