Ten questions to ask your NextGenVest money mentor

How can a money mentor help you?

Having a money mentor can put you in the advantage of the average high school students, and there are many reasons why. First of all, you get answers from an actual college student, I mean probably the best recourse you could have. Just the idea of knowing that you can get help to pay for your college education and be debt free after college is a great news. Here are some frequently asked questions to money mentors, these will illustrate how a money mentor can help any high school student be successful regarding their future.


1.) How can I stand out as high school -student in order to get into my top choice university?

2.) What are the most important things about the college applications?

3.) What are some to-do’s while in high school, in order to be prepared both academically and mentally for college?

4.) How can do I apply for scholarships? How do scholarships work? How do I find scholarships?

5.) What are some major things that colleges look for in applicants?

6.) What is something you wish you knew before going to college?

7.) How is college like?

8.) How do I choose a college/major or field of study?

9.) How important are extracurricular activities in the college application?

10.) How do you recover when your G.P.A. goes down? How to be a successful student in general?

Benefits of having a money mentor

These are some examples of questions you can ask your money mentor. It is incredibly helpful to have access to someone who can answers questions like this, it can make the college application process so much smoother and efficient for high school students. If you have already gone through the college application process before, don’t you think that having a money mentor during that time would have been immensely helpful?