Strategies to Finding a Good Internship

In high school, there is a lot of pressure to create an embellished resume in order to be a competitive applicant for selective colleges. Participating in an internship not only adds to your resume, but also gives you exposure in a field of interest. Below are some of my tips on how you can start searching for job and internship opportunities.

Figure Out Your Interests

High school students are often pressured to know their passions at a young age, but finding a good internship entails you to know what you enjoy doing. A good way to start determining your interests are to acknowledge which academic subjects you like the least and which you like the best. This should get you thinking about your interests and what you hope to gain from this experience.

Talk to Teachers

The next step is to start asking teachers at your school to see if they know of anyone who can help you. I suggest trying your college counselor or teachers who instruct your favorite courses. If not internships, they should know of great programs or organizations that you can get involved with, both of which can provide an equally beneficial experience.

Do Online Research

Utilize the internet to further your research! Search up internships for high school students in the field that interests you most.There are many different internships out there, make sure to explore and see what best fits you. Searching for the perfect internship takes time and effort. Don't rush the process!

Although it may seem impressive to gain an internship at a huge firm on Wall Street or a famous fashion label.However, in often times the most meaningful internships are the ones at smaller companies where you are given more attention and more important tasks to complete. If you somehow happen to land an internship at a huge bank, the likelihood is that you will be doing menial tasks instead of learning about investments and risk management.On the other hand, finding a position at a startup or other small company will give you the chance to truly develop your skill set.


One of the most important components of finding great opportunities in high school is being able to connect and network with people. In a generation where technology is dominating human connection, a in-person interactions is increasingly more valuable. In order to distinguish yourself from other students who could potentially be applying to the same opportunity, make sure that you are able to connect with the people you might be working with. I also suggest attending events in your neighborhood that are of interest, such as summits and art galas.

You never know who you could meet!
Don’t stress in your search for a great internship; sometimes the best experiences are the ones that are the least expected. Try following of these steps and I am sure an opportunity will come your way!