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What is NextGenVest?

NextGenVest is the Money Mentor for every student. We provide on-demand help on how to pay for college over text message. Each year 1.4 million students overpay for college and leave $2.7 Billion in free federal aid unclaimed. Your "Money Mentor", or trained college student, will help you fill out financial aid paperwork, find scholarships, negotiate your tuition and more.

What's the NextGenVest Intern Experience?

One of NextGenVest's core values is "put students first". This applies to interns as well! We invest in training our interns with actionable skills - from financial analysis to email etiquette to networking skills. You will develop a national network of like-minded peers, who will likely become longer term friends!

How do I apply to be a NextGenVest Intern?

Right here: NextGenVest Fall 2017 Internship Application and select the internship type you are applying for on the second page!

Our internships include the following roles:

Impact Leader

Impact Leaders are high school interns that work to connect their local community with NextGenVest's free resources. If you're an Impact Leader, you will have the opportunity to build your communication skills by developing connections between NextGenVest and your high school! Work with our senior team and local NextGenVest city team to bring Money Mentors to your community!

Meet Sandra Fan, our high school intern from New York City!

"I am so glad that I was able to be a part of the NextGenVest team. As a intern I was able to expand my soft skills, such as communication, teamwork, and collaboration. My favorite task was being able to edit the blogs. I was able to learn more about college, financial aid and other tips and tricks. I also concluded that money should not be the reason why students are not going to college." - Sandra

Financial Aid Workshop Leader

Financial Aid Workshop Leaders are the face of NextGenVest. Public speakers that carry enthusiasm, positive vibes, and goal-oriented attitudes. As a Financial Aid Workshop Leader, you will be able to strengthen your public speaking skills and make a social impact by presenting to high school students in your city. You will be directly working with students and connecting them with their very own Money Mentor, a trained college student who will guide them through the financial aid and college application process, while also finding them scholarships!

Meet Zoe Sailer, our New York City Financial Aid Workshop Leader and a sophomore at Baruch College!

"Being a Financial Aid Workshop Leader gave me so much: a chance to explore different parts of the city that I grew up in, exposure to what is it like working for an organization, and most importantly a humbling experience. I got to see first hand the positive impact that our service has on high schoolers around the country, and that is something I carry with me every day. Working hard with a great team, doing rewarding work in an amazing city, what more could you want in an internship" - Zoe

Coordination Team Member

Coordination Team Members are interns with the highest level of leadership in our operations initiatives. Interns run city-level operations and work to expand NextGenVest's network of high schools in their local cities. You will be able to develop and build your communication, data management, and networking skills! You will also have opportunities to work with our Founder & CEO, Kelly Peeler, on exciting new projects throughout your internship.

Meet our National Coordination Team Leader, Paramjot Kaur, a rising senior at NYU!

"Being a Coordination Team Member means taking charge of a situation while thinking creatively, in-depth, and proactively. It's awesome reaching out to high schools to help support students with their next steps for higher education. I also love working with my amazing team of Financial Aid Workshop Leaders!" - Paramjot alt text

Money Mentor

Money Mentors are trained college students who help students over text navigate the financial aid and college application process. Trained with in-depth materials about scholarships, financial aid forms, and negotiation procedures, Money Mentors are forms of guidance who help students save thousands of dollars when paying for college. As a Money Mentor, you will also have opportunities to work with our Founder & CEO Kelly Peeler on product development projects!

Meet Jorge Guerrero, a Senior Money Mentor from Valencia College at a local college event!

"Being a Money Mentor has helped me develop my abilities as a responsible adult and help others manage their finances and maximize our potential to succeed regardless of unexpected financial crises. I love doing what I do because I know how inaccessible certain tools of success are to high school students. With a single text message to our mentees, we can really make a difference in their chances of getting a quality higher education debt-free" - Jorge alt text

Who should apply?

Any college student interested in giving back to their community! All majors are welcome but the internship would be great for those pursing a career in education, counseling, marketing, communications, or finance. High School students are only eligible for the Impact Leader internship.

Current high school and international students without SSNs or work authorizations are ineligible to apply.

What are the dates and time commitment?

The internship will take place in the summer from July 24th - September 4th, 2017.
We work around your course schedule to make sure your internship responsibilities won't conflict.

Is this a paid internship and what else do you get?

Yes! Check out our Summer/Fall 2017 Application for payment details!

On top of this, you get access to one-on-one training with our senior leaders to strengthen your presentation, recruitment, and professional communication skills.

Wait, You Get Free Stuff?!

We also give out free NextGenVest hoodies/t-shirts to certified interns. Our senior team also provides mentorship and career advice!

If you are looking to explore what you want to do for a career or if you're interested in making an impact within your community, this would be a great internship for you!

Apply now: NextGenVest Fall 2017 Internship Application

For any questions, please contact hadar@nextgenvest.com