Spend Less Time on your Phone and More Time in Real Life

By Gulshan Ashaque - Queens High School for the Sciences at York College

Technology today plays an important part in almost everyone’s lives. Ever since phones and the famous ‘IPhone’ and other androids came out in 2006, many of us have begun to invest most of our time in this simple device. It is slowly becoming a technological epidermis, one where we no longer spend as much time in real life like we once did before. The following are a few tips to be able to spend more time in real life rather than a digital life.

Recognize the amount of time you spend on your phone per day- Of course it takes time to break out of a habit, so by noting the time you regularly spend on your phone every day, you could gradually decrease that time. Depending on how much you use your phone, you may need to cut your time down by minutes, or even hours, so that by the end of one week, your hands may not even be on a phone for a whole day!


Turn off all of your notifications- Seeing texts from friends and families will only encourage you to once more desist from real life. Instead, give them a simple text stating that you would like to talk to them in person. This would also help you to get better at social communication.

Keep in mind texting may also be a good thing, such as NextGenVest’s number found at the top of the website, but this may greatly hurt your social skills as a person. Instead, create appointments and even consider attending events.


Go to gatherings- This is a great way to evade yourself from phones, and be able to spend more quality time with people who you could meet physically. These gatherings could range from anything like book clubs, or even reunions.


Understand the benefits of not using your phone and spending more time with reality. You could get to know others better, establish a closer bond with your businesses and families through your commitment to actually meet them, and even have spare time. And who doesn’t need extra time? Time is money, you know.


You could perform almost everything you do on a phone in real life, so there is almost no need to be afraid of what will happen.