So, You’re a Shopaholic, Too? 10 Tips for Survival!

By Diana Zarowin - New York University-Stern

My girlfriends and I have one real fatal flaw. We’re shopaholics. Shoes, clothing, accessories – you name it, we want to buy it. And, a lot of it at that. The good news is that we tend to have impeccable style. The bad news is that we often feel like we’re draining our bank accounts after the consistent spending. It’s a problem, but a solvable one. Check out these 10 tips for saving, effective for even the most ambitious of shopaholics among us!


Not to sound like a grandma here, but...take advantage of coupons for stores that you frequent. Savings are savings, no matter the form. In fact, some stores offer exceptionally good deals (30-50% off!) during friends-and-family events or end-of-season clearance periods with a coupon. Take advantage of this!

Price Match

Find something in a store that you love? Check to see where else it is sold and if the pricing is consistent. If you find a lower price somewhere else, ask the store you are in if they’ll price down the cost. Usually, they will, and you’ll be able to purchase the item at your convenient location.

Wait 48 Hours Before Purchasing

This is one of my golden rules, especially for expensive items. Wait 48 hours after finding a product and see if you’re still lusting after it. If you are, go ahead and purchase. If you’ve already forgotten about said item, you have just successfully saved yourself a nice chunk of money. Bravo!

Always Wait for a Sale

This is another golden rule, pulled from one of my best friends. This one is breakable, yes, but you don’t often have to break it since most items do go on sale. Wait to purchase items at either the end of a season or during a sale period. You’ll acquire the item you want AND save money simultaneously. Win Win!

Sign Up for Store Emails

This one’s easy to do, and has large payoffs. Sign up for store emails – no matter how much of a nuisance they might be – for frequent discounts straight to your inbox. Yes, you might have to sort through the general emails, but when the sale tip-offs come, you’ll be thanking me. You’re welcome in advance, fellow shopaholics.

Buy Timeless Pieces

Okay. We understand that you’re going to shop and spend money. But, at least purchase pieces you can wear time and time again. Don’t head into a store and buy 20 trendy items. As YSL wisely said, “fashions fade, style is eternal.” Buy pieces that are stylish and classic, and you’ll get tremendous wear out of them, I promise.

Invest in 2-3 Pairs of Something

If you’ve found a certain cut or style that you love, purchase 3 really good pairs and then withhold purchasing anymore. This rule works well for jeans, coats, shoes, and more. Of course, it’s a tough rule to follow when it comes to tees and sweaters, but I have faith that you could follow it if you tried!

Shop Online

Oftentimes, you’ll find lower prices and more sales online. If you find something you want to purchase in store, look at the purchase options online. You may find that you’re able to purchase said items at a gratifying discount, all with just the click of a button. Try it on, in-store, for fit and feel so you won’t even have to worry about potential returns.

Sell Old Clothes

One of my best friends is pretty great about this. When she’s finished wearing an item or it no longer suits her, she sells it – either online or at clothing exchange stores. It’s an easy way to make money and rid your closet of unnecessary garmets.

Clothing Swap with Friends

This is always a fun one! Have a clothing swap party with friends – wine (21+!), cupcakes, and the sharing of garments between girlfriends – what could be better? This is a fun way to both get your friends together and give away clothes you no longer wear while snagging some cool pieces in return!