Snapchat Tour of Syracuse University!

Anher Pinky is a freshman at Syracuse University studying Biology on the Pre-Med track. Keep on reading to learn more about Anher's life at Syracuse!


What makes Syracuse special to you?

Syracuse is well-known for its athletics, such as the men's lacrosse, basketball, and soccer teams. Also, the women's field hockey, ice hockey, basketball, lacrosse, rowing and soccer teams are all great! Besides sports, Syracuse is also known for its journalism major at the University's Newhouse School of Public Communications which is among the very best schools for journalism in the country.

Any advice for high school students?

Looking back on my process for applying for financial aid, I wish I had a one-on-one mentor that would be able to sit and talk to me about my options as a low-income student. The process was extremely tedious and stressful, but the payoff was amazing. Now here I am at Syracuse University with virtually no tuition to pay! I highly encourage those applying to seek help. The process is not easy and you'll have many questions that your college advisor won't have the time to answer. Getting paired with a NextGenVest Money Mentor is an amazing way to get that resource since your mentor will always be there to answer any of your questions no matter the time of day.

What about advice for incoming freshmen?

Some advice I have for those coming into college as freshmen is to be open! Make friends and have fun but never forget your homework. Also, college students can also benefit from connecting with a Money Mentor! Learning how to budget your money is a huge part of becoming a responsible college student, and your Money Mentor can help you get a handle on your finances!

What would you like to do after graduation?

After I graduate from school, I plan on attending Medical School and becoming a pediatrician! Along the way to graduation, I hope to intern at a number of different businesses to get lots of professional experience before starting Medical School.

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