Snapchat Tour of Johns Hopkins University!

Kimberly Zou is a rising junior studying Applied Math and Economics at Johns Hopkins University in Baltimore, Maryland. Keep on reading to learn more about Kim's life at Johns Hopkins!


What are your extracurricular activities?

I play on the tennis team, and I'm involved in Alpha Kappa Psi business frat, Kappa Kappa Gamma sorority, a consulting club for nonprofits, an investing club, and the environmental club. The tennis team has been a really great experience with many opportunities to travel. I love that there are lots of ways to get involved at Hopkins! It’s given me a lot of room to explore my interests.

What are your classes like?

Lots of other schools have general requirements, but at Hopkins, there are no required classes, so you can just take classes that fit your major and your interests! Your course load will vary depending on your major, but for my major I only have to take 2-3 classes a semester to fulfill my requirements and I can take classes I’m interested in on the side. There's a lot of freedom to study whatever you want! Hopkins is known for its biomedical engineering program, and the international studies programs are also really popular.

What do you love most about Johns Hopkins?

I love my fellow students! Everyone is so diverse and motivated and intelligent. There's a misconception that Hopkins is a cutthroat environment but that couldn’t be further from the truth. Everyone is always collaborating and working in groups. I wouldn’t have been able to understand a lot of my material without the help of other students. You can learn so much about different fields just by talking to your peers. Also, everyone is involved in other activities besides their classes, whether it's research, internships, jobs, clubs, sports, or even working on their own independent projects.

What's it like to go to school in Baltimore?

Baltimore is a great city for college students. It's very quirky and diverse. There's a great neighborhood called Hampden that was part of the gay rights movement. There's also the inner harbor which has an aquarium, stores, and a bunch of great restaurants. Hopkins students have all the benefits of living in a cool city but we also have a great campus. In fact, Hopkins is always listed as one of America's most beautiful campuses. If that's not enough, Hopkins is just a 45 minute train ride to Washington D.C., and a 2 hour train ride to NYC.

How are you paying for school?

Hopkins is generous about giving financial aid. We have wonderful alumni who give back to the school and create scholarship funds specifically for those who need financial aid. I receive financial aid myself, and every year, I have the opportunity to thank these donors through a letter and then meet them in person through a scholarship lunch. It’s a great opportunity! Last year, I got to sit down with the University President, as well as my donor, who used to be the CEO of Yum brands which owns Pizza Hut and Taco Bell!

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