Snapchat Tour of Baruch College!

Dora Li is a rising junior from New York studying Marketing Management with a concentration in Marketing Analytics at Baruch College. Keep on reading to learn more about Dora's life at Baruch!


What extracurriculars are you involved in?

At Baruch, I am a member of the Women's Swimming & Diving Team. I was also a former participant of the Rising Starr Sophomore Program and a mentee in the Executives on Campus Mentoring Program.

What do you wish you knew earlier about applying for financial aid?

I wish I knew that there were tons of resources available for high school students during the college application process. My advice for high school students is to take advantage of the available resources such as NextGenVest's Money Mentors to help you find a college/university that suits your interests, values, and career aspirations. After I graduate, I plan to attend grad school. If you would like to pursue further education as well, making a strong financial plan for the future is really important!

What makes Baruch special to you?

I believe what makes Baruch special is the passionate and ambitious students. Everyone you meet on campus has a career they aspire towards and the college provides you with plenty of resources in order to achieve your goal. There are a plethora of workshops hosted by clubs and the career center to help you develop the skills needed in your career field.

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