Sign Up for NGV College Fellow Deep Dive - Getting a JumpStart on SATs & ACTs

By The NextGenVest Team

There are two tests students begin taking their junior year that can have a big impact on their future. The SAT and the ACT, which play a key component to the college application process. 

To confidently approach these stress-inducing tests, the first NextGenVest College Fellow Deep Dive of 2015 will address how to prepare and manage the SAT, SAT IIs, and ACT.

Sign Up for NGV College Fellow Deep Dive: Get a Jumpstart on the SATs &ACTs: 

  • WHAT: NGV Deep Dives are built around the philosophy that wisdom comes from experience. NextGenVest aims to share knowledge between NGV College Fellows and high school students by createing deep personal help sessions in the form of "Deep Dives" on hot button topics for the average high-school students, such as student loans, financial aid, and preparing for your future. The concept of Deep Dives were developed by members of the following NGV Clubs: @NGVMCST @NGVUrsuline @NGV_NESTM @NGVPingry. 
  • WHO: Hosted by NGV College Fellows Victoria Scott of Princeton University, Katherine Scott of Harvard University, and Shuer Luo of Duke University. Check out their bios by clicking here
  • WHEN: Saturday, January 31st at NextGenVest's New York City offices (students can also connect virtually!). 
  • PERFECT FOR: This Deep Dive is perfect for students in 10th or 11th grade looking to get a headstart on the standardized test process. 
  • TO ATTENDRSVP HERE (in person or virtually).



  • SUBMIT: Fill out our short SAT/ACT questionaire, found HERE.
  • READ: NGV College Fellow, Katharine Scott's article 5 Tips to Help You Ace Standardized Testing.
  • RESEARCH: Acquaint yourself with the test dates for the SAT (found HERE) and the ACT (found HERE).
  • PLAN: Outline the SAT II Subject Tests you plan on taking.

Looking forward to seeing you there!