Should I Take a Gap Year? By: Daniel Gomez


A Gap year is probably the most controversial of all college decisions (minus which college to go to of course) there’s many beliefs and assumptions that follow taking a Gap Year. Many people believe that taking a Gap Year can hurt you in college making you forget much of what you learned and really hurt your chances of going back to college after you had such a wonderful experience traveling. Though Taking a Gap Year could be extremely beneficial for you when you go to college.
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Proof it works:

In a study performed by the American Gap year Association. Reported that in many school’s students who took a Gap Year after completing their Senior year of college were happier in college and did better. Those who took a Gap Year had higher GPAs than those who didn’t and were more involved in campus activities making them feel less shrouded and confined in their first few months.
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More reason why:

Gap Years also allow you to strengthen some skills that may have been rusty and not commonly used before. Many students take their Gap Years in foreign country’s allowing them time to break out their Spanish, German, French, etc. so they can converse with the locals a lot more efficiently. Even those who took a foreign language and forget every bit of it, staying in a foreign country for a year allows them more than enough time for them to study the language and become moderately if not fluent in it. This also looks extremely impressive on a resume. Being able to say you stayed a year in Spain or Germany and can speak the language well makes you stand out as an employee allowing them to be able to reach farther demographics than they were able to before.
Gap Years are extremely beneficial to students, it gives them a time of reflection and preparation for college helping them perform better in the end.