Send in Your NGV Club Topic Drafts by Friday 12/19 to Get Feedback from Experts!

By NextGenVest Staff

NextGenVest Clubs around the world have been working hard to create their own NextGenVest Video Course which will help prepare students around the world on key life skills. Topics range from Grants & Scholarships to Taxes 101 to Portfolio Allocation 101 and many more. NextGenVest wants to help your Club be as successful as possible! Over winter break, our industry experts will be reviewing Club drafts and providing feedback. Send your Club draft in by Friday December 19th!

Why Get Help? 

1) Increase your chances of winning the NextGenVest Global Spring Competition. 2) Make an Impact. Your Club's Course will be made into a course of videos that will help prepare other students across the U.S. and world with key financial and life skills. 3) Learn from Business Experts & University Professors who will be commenting and providing feedback on your work.

How Can I Submit My NGV Club Course Draft? 

1) Save and send your video script drafts in a Word Document with the label "NGV [Your School] [Your Club Topic]" 2) Email directly to Kelly Peeler, Founder of NextGenVest at kelly@nextgenvest.com by this Friday, December 19th at midnight. 

What if My Club Topic Needs More Work? 

No problem! NextGenVest and our team of experts are here to help. Send in your draft by Friday December 19th and we will help guide you.

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