#NGV18Under18 Competition

By The NextGenVest Team

NextGenVest is proud to announce our #NGV18Under18 Global Competition to highlight the talented and passionate students in and outside the NextGenVest community and challenge them to consider how they would change the world for the better as a future leader. Similar to Forbes 30 Under 30, students who are selected as part of the #NGV18Under18 candidates represent up-and-coming global leaders. Application: CLICK HERE TO APPLY*Who Can Apply:* Any student (in OR outside the NextGenVest community) Deadline: March 30th, 2015 at 11PM EST Results: Winners announced during the NextGenVest Global Summit on 4/25/15. Click Here to RSVPAwards: Full page profile of you and your achievements, Networking with Forbes 30 Under 30 Winners, Partnering with Industry Mentors, NGV Swag!

1) The Entrepreneur 

A lot of individuals have great ideas. An idea for a new mobile application, a new nonprofit organization, and just about anything that would augment everyday life. Yet, what is rare are students who follow through and actually bring their ventures to life. The NextGenVest Entrepreneur has not only conceptualized an idea through either personal experience or outside learning, but also taken the initiative to make it a reality through creating a prototype, selling an actual product, constructing a business plan, or having users. Does this sound like you? Apply Here.

2) The Investor 

Many students have an interest with investing but have not taken action to actual explore the markets. The NextGenVest Investor has not only mastered the basics, but he or she is passionate about investing and learning about how the global economy work through participating in stock market competitions, internships, or challenges. Does this sound like you? Apply Here.

3) The Social Activist 

The NextGenVest Social Activist is aware of inequalities in the world and is set on providing solutions to make a difference. Individuals in this category are able to discern underlying problems within their communities, regardless of the scope, and develop solutions and support networks through understanding of the cause. Does this sound like you? Apply Here.

4) The Scientist

The everyday advancement of science is crucial to the the continual development of any society. The NextGenVest Scientist is constantly curious about any field of science and has proven so through extensive research, school-wide competitions, and even taking higher level science courses at local universities. Does this sound like you? Apply Here.

5) The Writer 

Despite the introduction of new platforms of communication, we all still rely heavily on writing to convey ideas, tell a story, and garner the support of others. The NextGenVest Writer takes writing a step further than everyone else, making the act of writing into an art form through demonstration of technical writing prowess, persuasive language, effective narration, and substantial readership as a result. More important than the accolades and awards, The NextGenVest Writer has published work that tells an important story. Does this sound like you? Apply Here.

6) The Politician

Politics drive the forward advancement of democracy. Apspiring to change the world for the better, The NextGenVest Politician has already taken steps to within his or her school or local government to make a positive change in the political arena. This includes, but is not limited to lobbying, campaign work, policy formation, debate, or achievements thorugh Model UN. Does this sound like you? Apply Here.

7) The Producer 

Storytelling is no longer limited to the pages in a book or text on a screen. The ability to capture video in a compelling way, has allowed you to tell compelling and important stories. Whether it is a video project for a class, a documentary, or a series of shorts about your passion, The NextGenVest Producer has used video to tell stories and gain a following. Does this sound like you? Apply Here.

8) The Designer 

Designers see an interesting interplay between art and the rest of the world. Using his or her unique gift, The NextGenVest Designer is able to apply inspirations and launch new creative projects. May it be a fashion designer who has incorporated rectangular forms into a clothing line or a graphic designer who deals with web layouts, the NextGenVest Designer no doubt has an eye for refreshing ideas. Does this sound like you? Apply Here.

9) The Student Athlete

Outside of the classroom, many students allocate large portions of their time towards athletics and develop effective leadership skills and work ethic doing so. The NextGenVest Student Athlete has excelled within the competitive sports landscape but has also done so while displaying strong leadership qualities. Does this sound like you? Apply Here.

The following NextGenVest Global Club Members are credited with developing this competition: 

Siyu Cao, NJ

Felix Schliemann, NY 

Monique Lawrence, NY 

Adeleke McMillan, MA 

Regan Brady, OH 

Beatriz Labadan, MA 

Clare Ryan, NY

Jihyeon Kim, South Korea

Danna Albanyan, Saudi Arabia

Nathan Lee, LA

Carrie Guan, China

Madisen Siegel, MA

Lucas Kim, MA

Amanda Vasilakis, NY 

Mariam Trichas, NJ 

Alexis Elliot, NJ

David Douglass, NJ

Diamante Ortiz, NY

Luke Demonico, NJ

Rose Sikder, NY 

Athena Chang, NY