NextGenVest on Fox Business Risk & Reward

By The NextGenVest Team

In advance of NextGenVest's official launch this April during financial literacy month, Fox Business Risk & Reward, hosted by Deirdre Bolton selected Kelly Peeler, Founder and CEO of NextGenVest, to pitch to three investors and judges. The responses to the pitch included:

1) "Where was NextGenVest When I was in High School?" 

Peter Shankman, Dell Entrepreneur in Residence and Shankman Honing Principal Partner, wanted to know where NextGenVest was when he was "racking up ridiculous charges in college on his Mastercard." His primary question was about conveying information to students in a relatable way. Luckily students within NextGenVest Global Clubs work directly with the NextGenVest Team to actually create and produce 3 minute video courses in a "low stress, high impact" way. 

2) "This is definitely a massive problem" 

Bronson Lingamfelter, Partner at Interplay Ventures, agreed that NextGenVest was going after a massive problem especially when new forms of payments are allowing money to change hands more quickly. He asked "how big was the market" to which Kelly Peeler responded that the student loan market is a trillion dollar market with 30% of college students with student loans dropping out without a degree. At NextGenVest we believe each student deserves a logical and easy to understand education and plan on how to deal with their money effectively before heading off to college. 

3) "Who are your current customers?" 

Alicia Syrett, Angel Investor and Board Member of New York Angels, asked how NextGenVest makes money and who the company was currently working with. NextGenVest sells education courses to high schools, to interested students, and to parents who would like to prepare their children with key financial and life skills before and during college. Click here to view the judging segment on Fox Business and tweet out your thoughts to the judges!