NextGenVest High School Internship: Summer 2017

What is NextGenVest?

NextGenVest.com is the Money Mentor for every student. We provide on-demand help on how to pay for college over text message. Each year 1.4 million students overpay for college and leave $2.7 Billion in free federal aid unclaimed. Your "Money Mentor", or trained college student, will help you fill out financial aid paperwork, find scholarships, negotiate your tuition and more.

What is the NextGenVest High School Internship?

At NextGenVest.com we help thousands of students and many of them want access to more job experience before picking a major in college. Through this internship, we will provide top student leaders real-world experience in business, marketing, social media, and analytics.

How do I apply?

Click Here to fill out a short application: Summer/Fall 2017 Application

Who should apply?

If you are a senior, junior, or sophomore in high school and are passionate about helping other students make smart decisions paying for college, you should apply!

What are the dates and time commitment?

This is a one month long remote internship (so you can be anywhere in the country)

Start date is asap and for 30 days.

Estimated time of 6 hours of work per week after school and in the comfort of your own home! The internship is conducted virtually with NextGenVest HQ!

Our interns have gone onto great colleges!

New York University
Columbia University
Ithaca College
and more!

What do you get?

1) One on one college help from NextGenVest.com's CEO, Kelly Peeler.

2) College letter of recommendation.

3) $50 gift card for completing all tasks and making all weekly meetings after school.You choose the gift card: Chipotle, Starbucks, or Amazon.com. **You need to complete all of your assigned tasks within the one month internship, and if everything is completed then the gift card will be sent to you via email.

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Example of Intern Projects:
  1. Publishing your own articles on NextGenVest.com's blog.
  2. Data analytics and scholarship research.
  3. Developing and executing city-wide social media campaigns such as a school-wide color war.
  4. Partnership developments with local college access programs.
  5. Hosting a fun and creative #FundMyPassion workshop or event at your school, community center, sports team, etc on smart ways to pay for college.

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