NextGenVest 2015 18 Under 18 Winners Announced!

By The NextGenVest Team

NextGenVest, the Money Mentor for every student, is excited to announce the NGV 18 Under 18 Winners who represent the next global leaders who we are helping to #FundMyPassion. Read more about how these students aim to change the world and how NextGenVest is working to support them.


Krystal Molina & Nathan Chiu 

Krystal Molina is the Founder of an all-female tech startup app called Arrive, the 2013 Global Champion of the Technovation Challenge and was showcased at NY Tech Day 2013. _Nightingale-Bamford School _

Nathan Chiu is the Founder of Astute, which provides students with effective tutoring sessions. He is also the Co-Founder of PYNsocial which connects students and politicians to increase youth voting participation. _Wellesley Public High School _


Sharon Lin & Sophie Khorasani

Sharon Lin is the 2015 Regional Science Olympiad for Protein Modeling, a first place team member of the NYCIML, and an MIT THINK Scholar. She hopes to advance the field of academia in the sciences and encourages other female scientists to realize their fullest potential. _Stuyvesant High School _

Sophie Khorasani is the winner of the 2014 MIT Society of Women Engineers International Essay Contest and successfully completed an internship at Harvard Medical School's Department of Genetics Lab. She believes in giving back by tutoring other students in Chemistry. _Winsor School _


Diamante Ortiz & Jair Froome

Diamante Ortiz credits her father's leadership within the Local Union 371 as having a large influence on her own body of work. This includes lobbying for more student-run activities at her school, creating awareness on rape culture through events, and organizing protests on behalf of minority groups for equal rights. _Young Women's Leadership Academy _

Jair Froome has interned for New York City Council members Inez Barron and Robert Jackson. He received a citation for outstanding community service from both offices and hopes to create positive change if he too, becomes an elected official in the future. **Poly Prep Country Day School **


Athena Chang & Vinayak Kumar

Athena Chang through her experience at GenTech and encounters with notable entrepreneurs, formed 5Minds Studio and together with her colleagues, created a mobile game for the Andriod call "Flick." Bayside High School

Vinayak Kumar is the creator of the app Fire Tank and is passionate about Game Design through his leadership of various student-run design organizations. _Delbarton School _


Mina Mahmood & Aaron Zheng

Mina Mahmood had an initial interest in acting, but after an experience behind the cameras at the New York Film Academy, she switched to film. Projects range from school related projects to civic service trips. Here are examples (1  2) of her work. _Brearley School _

Aaron Zheng is a Pokemon master as the winner of 3 Regional and 2 National Championships. Seeing the potential for Pokemon as an eSport, Aaron began to detail his experiences and has since become a youtube sensation. _Trinity School _


Samantha Friskey & Mamadou Yattassaye

Samantha Friskey is the current editor-in-chief of her high school's newspaper. Her personal works have been published in the Sleet Magazine, The Release Magazine, and many more. She is also the winner of the Totem Head Writing Contest for Gothic Fiction. _Georgetown Visitation School _

Mamadou Yattassaye's poems have been published in the America Library of Poetry and the Little Brown House Review. He is the current assistant editor of the Albany Road. Deerfield Academy


Neve Fitzpatrick & Owen Abaatu 

Neve Fitzpatrick is the Co-President of the Social Action Club at the Ursuline School. Her organization has assisted in local relief efforts for Hurricane Sandy and Hurricane Katrina, food drives in the Bronx, and at local Catholic schools for underserved children. **Ursuline School **

Owen Abaatu through leadership in the Multicultural Club and DIAS at his school, hopes to draw awareness to society's dividing lines and reconcile those views through constructive dialogue. Browning School 


Jenny MacGowen & Hollie Hopf

Jenny MacGowen *is a US Figure Skating Gold Medalist, competing all-year-around in US and ISI competitions including the Empire State Games. Outside of rink, Jenny is the Lieutenant Governor of the Key Club in her district. *_Ursuline School _

Hollie Hopf believes in a balance between academics and sports, evident from her top 30 placing at the YMCA National Swim Meet and holding The Pingry School's Girls Varsity record for the 100 yard butterfly. _Pingry School _


Reshmi Kotla & Diego Lopez

Reshmi Kotia is a risk taker. She finds herself investing in stocks during her down periods and turning a profit from her smart picks. Some of her current investments include Apple, Alibaba, and Morgan Stanley. _Pingry School _

Diego Lopez has studied investment strateiges, devoting time to researching the leadership changes within companies as well keeping track of daily trends in the stock market. He participates in several investment organizations. _Browning School _

Applications are open for 2016's NGV 18 Under 18, text "I want to apply to 18 Under 18" to NextGenVest's Hotline 646-798-1745.