New York University Snapchat Tour featuring our NYC City Captain!

Paramjot Kaur is a rising senior majoring in Economics at New York University in New York City. Keep on reading to learn more about Paramjot's life at NYU!


What extracurricular activities are you involved in?

I’m involved with Model United Nations and UNA-USA. I'm also the NextGenVest City Captain for NYC! I love working at NextGenVest because I think we have the potential to eliminate a good amount of the stress students face when it comes to making financial decisions about education. Personally, I think education is a wonderful and important institution, and I aim to learn something new on a daily basis. I’m also a writer and astronomy fanatic!

What do you wish you knew before college?

I wish I knew how many scholarships were out there to apply for. If I had a Money Mentor, it would’ve cleared away the illusion that there are only a few. My advice for high schoolers is to keep a cool mind when going through the financial aid and college application process. They require a great amount of attention. It’s important to understand what you’re filling out and why you’re doing so!

What do you like most about NYU?

NYU is special because it’s bursting with diversity. No two students are the same. There is a vibrancy that resides in the campus that can’t go unnoticed. I’ve met students from Dubai, Australia, and even a small Mexican village. It’s an honor to attend NYU. The professors and faculty are very dedicated. I enjoy it immensely.

What do you hope to do after you graduate?

I hope to end up working for UN Women, on an initiative aimed for the social and economic development for women’s rights. Gender equality is something of high value for me. To fight to make the genders equal across a spectrum would make all the difference for the next generation. I also aspire to travel, learn, and continue enjoying what the world has to offer.

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