Money Mentor Interview with William Oswald

Nice to Meet You I’m William!
Hey everyone, to begin I’m William Oswald, I attend a small school called Southwestern Oklahoma State University. I’m actually the National Director of Money Mentors so that’s pretty cool! Here’s some things about me since I’ll be learning about you to help you!

Where are you from?

Well I’m from Huntington Beach in California AKA Surf city USA! (But no I can’t surf) I have lived in California all my life and it was an amazing experience but I wanted to branch off to somewhere completely new and that’s when I found SWOSU! I guess it was fate that I was going to come here!

What did you do in High School?

To be honest I didn’t do too much, I played football for all of high school and Varsity for two years! I was a mostly mediocre student so don’t worry you aren’t alone if you are too. But there is something really special to me that I did was Every 15 Minutes, it's this program that tries to deter students from drinking and driving and it's made a huge impact the past few decades it's been done I really recommend checking it out! :)

What do you like about your college?

Honestly there is a lot that I love about SWOSU. One of the main things is the class sizes. Because we are a smaller school we have classes of like 20 students in each class and it's amazing! Most of my teachers know me by name and actually want to see me succeed in my career goals.

What’s your major?

I major in business management! I love all things business and I have since I was a kid, I even sold tic tacs and mentos in middle school and made like 30$ a day! Since then I have debated on a bunch of different choices on what career I wanted like firefighter, chef, etc. but I always came back to business.

What do you participate in at your college?

Well I used to be in a club my freshman year called Collegiate Activities board (CAB) which was for volunteering and I LOVED it, I even got to meet the Harlem Globetrotters! I was also the Business advisor for our Graphic Design Association on campus for a semester my sophomore year! But the biggest and best thing I have done is being an Orientation Leader (you know those kids that show you where to go when you have orientation on campus? Yeah that’s me) I have done that for 2 years now and I’ve loved every second of it!

Is there anything in particular you want your mentees to know?

College is scary at first, you can’t get around that. But I am here to make it easier for each person it may be different, scholarships, appeal letters, or budgeting I can do this and so much more. Please don’t be scared to get in contact with me whenever you need it!