Money Mentor Interview with Kaley Winkler

Nice to Meet You, I'm Kaley!
Hey all, I'm Kaley Winkler! I currently attend the University of Central Oklahoma! I'm getting to know you more to help you out so here are some things to know about me!

Where are you from?

I was born in Detroit, Michigan! I lived both in suburbs of Detroit and Kalamazoo until the middle of elementary. I then moved to Springfield, MO where I have lived since.

What did you do in high school?

I played soccer up until my senior year (I decided just to manage because my mom was pregnant)! I also did concert and marching band all four years. I was drum major for the marching band in three of those years. I participated in one of our jazz band for two years! I played the clarinet for concert and alto for both concert and jazz. I was also a member of FBLA and DECA.

What do you like about your college?

There are so many things that I love about UCO! They are very diverse and welcoming to people from all varieties of backgrounds. They have clubs for anything that you could possibly be interested in! Campus is absolutely gorgeous and they are always working to improve it!

What's your major?

I am studying forensic science and accounting with minors in both business administration and sociology. I hope to be a forensic accountant for some time! I plan on pursuing my PhD so that one day I will be able to teach accounting at the college level!

What do you participate in at your college?

I am going on being a 2nd year RA (resident assistant)! I live in one of the residence halls and am in charge of helping those who live in my section with anything they may need! I'm a member of the hall council for the residence hall that I live in. I'm also in Delta Zeta, a sorority that is on my campus.

Is there anything in particular you want your mentees to know?

Do not be afraid to put yourself out there. If there is something you want to join, do it. The things you do in college will be what make it a great experience. Those are the things that stand out to your future employers! Don't be afraid to apply for that leadership position or talk to that person. You may have some downs but in the end, it all makes you a better person with more experience.