Money Mentor Interview with Erica Rosenthal!

Nice to Meet You I’m Erica!

Where are you from?

I'm from this small suburb of Boston called Canton! It's really lame but it has 7 Dunkin Donuts and is home to one of two Viaducts in the world (the other is in Russia).

What did you do in High School?

I played basketball all 4 years and was the captain of my varsity team for senior year! I was on Student Council and I tutored every week at a local elementary school!

What do you like about your college?

I love the campus of UChicago. Even when it's the middle of finals and everyone wants to cry, the sheer beauty of the campus makes everything bearable. Also the diversity of people is super cool. I've met people who are from places I've never heard of and people who are interested in things I've never heard of!

What’s your major?

I double major in Psychology and Comparative Human Development. They're pretty much the same thing and I want to go into Education Policy, so it's a good stepping stone to get me there!

What do you participate in at your college?

I do a lot in college! I have a leadership role in my sorority, Delta Gamma, I work as an Engagement Intern at UChicago Hillel (the center for Jewish life - I basically take people out for coffee). I work for a company called Debate it Forward where we go into classrooms of underprivileged Chicago Schools and teach them Debate, and I'm in a program called UChicago Careers in Education!

Is there anything in particular you want your mentees to know?

When I was going through the college process, I was too afraid to ask questions - PLEASE DONT DO THAT! Ask as many questions as you want/need, that's what we're here for!