Money Mentor Interview with Erica Chyr!

Nice to Meet You I’m Erica!

Hi everyone! I’m Erica Chyr (pronounced “cheer”), I go to University of Central Florida in Orlando, FL. I am a Senior Money Mentor and the Summer Junior City Captain of Miami.

Where are you from?

I was born and raised in the borders of Miami Lakes and Pembroke Pines wth my 9 cats, they kept changing the city limits, so it’s now Hialeah, closest city you might be more familiar with is Miami. It’s about 30 min from it. I’m in Orlando during the academic year, and I’m getting an annual pass to one of the parks (still deciding)

What did you do in High School?

I was very active and was in a bunch of clubs like Environmental, Future Educators of America (FEA), FIRST Robotics, SHAPE which is kinda like Key Club, National Honor Society (NHS), Mu Alpha Theta, literally almost all the clubs. I took a lot of classes online (FLVS) to get ahead or because they were interesting, and AP classes.

What do you like about your college?

My college has such a beautiful campus with so many people and events that make college a lot of fun. It’s also located near a bunch of big engineering corporations like Lockheed Martin, and Seimens that make it easier to start getting hands-on experience in my field. UCF is also right by the theme parks, so having an annual pass is SO worth it. I can go to Disney or Universal on the weekends or on my days off. My school also offers discounts on theme park tickets!

What’s your major?

Mechanical Engineering because it’s the most versatile engineering field. With my experience in FIRST Robotics, I fell in love with engineering. I like being able to touch and tinker with objects to see how they work and replicate or improve it. However, it’s not a field I’m very good at, so I love the challenge and the opportunity to expand my skills and knowledge. I am also minoring in business because I really enjoyed Accounting and I have a natural talent for business.

What do you do at your college?

I am an active member of Circle K International (CKI) which is the college version of Key Club, so basically a service organization. I was Fundraising Board of Director in my Freshman year, then was elected Treasurer the year after. We volunteer almost every weekend and have a ton of socials. Some of the local organizations we’ve volunteered with are Pet Rescue by Judy and Give Kids the World.

Is there anything in particular you want your mentees to know?

Definitely stay active your first year. I am pretty introverted, so I didn’t participate as much my freshman year, and it didn’t help that I was lucky and got an apartment style dorm with private bedrooms. Thats a love hate relationship having your own room. Good for privacy, but it makes it a lot easier to stay in and avoid social interaction. I had another apartment style dorm my sophomore year, but being a lot more active in CKI helped me branch out and make so many great friends. So again, don’t be afraid to get out and meet new people, there are some amazing friends out there!