Money Down the Drain: 6 Spots Hackley Students Spend the Most Money

By Will Larkin - The Hackley School - New York

Students from Hackley School in Tarrytown, New York have a myriad of things to spend their parent’s money on. Here are the top six examples of places where Hackley Student’s drop the fattest stacks.

The Tuck Shop

Being the most instantly accessible venue for food when it’s not lunch time, the Tuck Shop is easily the place where Hackley Students spend most of their money. Full of muffins, bagels, candies, drinks, and basically every fattening snack food you can imagine, the “Tuck” as the students has the most cash flow of any of the establishments mentioned on this list.

Everything in the shop is relatively low price, ranging from fifty cents to two dollars. Students can stop by the Tuck for a muffin if they missed breakfast or for a hot pocket in the afternoon if the lunch was terrible that day. The wide variety of food at the Tuck is what makes it the most visited establishment on this list.

The Wedge

A small deli located just down the road from Hackley, the Wedge has been a long-time favorite of many Hackley students. It is most visited by Hackley’s seniors as they are the ones who are allowed to go out for lunch and , more often than not, it is too the wedge because of the close proximity and the semi-high quality food. In fact, students from Hackley have visited the Wedge so often that there is now a sandwich named after Hackley called the Hackley Blues.

Other favorites include the WOW and the #7 whose name I can’t remember. Being a deli, there is, of course, other various snack foods and drinks that customers can purchase for a reasonable price.

The Hive

This is the place where students can go to buy hoodies and sweatpants so that they can prove to all their friends that they do in fact go to high school and they have LOTS of school spirit. Just look at this photo at you’ll know what I’m talking about.

Being the only venue for students to purchase Hackley gear, the Hive makes quite a bit of money because of its monopoly. Students can buy all sorts of Hackley merchandise to adorn their rooms and desks. Memorabilia that they can stare at longingly when they sadly realize they might have peaked in high school.


Chipotle is one of the more popular lunch destinations aside from the Wedge. With two Chipotles located within 20 minutes of Hackley, seniors frequently make the trip during their free lunch periods. Students can purchase burritos, tacos, and all kinds of mexican food. Being Chipotle, you probably already know exactly what I’m talking about, so I won’t go into any further detail.

Party City

Being a very spirited school, Hackley’s students often need more than just their hoodies or t shirts to show that they have school spirit. One of these ways is through cheap party masks, hats, and beads purchased from Party City.

With a Party City just ten minutes from Hackley’s campus, students can go and purchase everything that they need to feel spirited. More often than not, this results in dozens of discarded masks, hats, and necklaces littering the stands after a big sporting event. While the students certainly look ridiculous during the game, it really is quite fun to be among them and help support our friends. Right?

Heh (Robin Hood: Men In Tights)

Guess not.

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