Meet Me: Jorge Guerrero, NextGenVest National Director of School Partnerships

I was born and raised in Hialeah, Florida. My parents are of Peruvian and Nicaraguan descent and neither of them went to college. Money has always been tight in my family. Every since I became old enough to work, I did whatever I could to help my parents out with our mortgage while financing my own college education. As a high school student, I didn’t have any guidance from my counselors nor my parents. I was all alone. I became a Money Mentor because I never wanted another student to feel that way. Now, I'm the National Director of School Partnerships at NextGenVest! Keep on reading to learn more about my story.

First Experiences with NextGenVest

As a freshman in college, I began working at Panera Bread to cover my expenses. One night, I was talking to a friend about rising college costs when she mentioned that I could get free help paying for college from a NextGenVest.com Money Mentor. At first I thought “wow, this sounds too good to be true”. However, I quickly brushed off the uneasy feelings when she told me that she is a Money Mentor herself and gets paid to help others like me! She also told me that NextGenVest was looking to hire more Money Mentors. This job seemed like the perfect opportunity for me considering my love for helping others and passion for education, so I applied!

Mentoring Students

After a few days, I left my job at Panera Bread when I received an email inviting me to begin the training to become a Junior Money Mentor. In my early days as a Money Mentor, a student texted into our service seeking help with a college essay. I didn’t hesitate to stay up past midnight to make sure this student had all the proper tools and guidance for success. Within a few weeks, I was promoted to Senior Money Mentor, and later to City Captain!

Rising Up

After only six months, I got an email from Kelly Peeler, NextGenVest's founder and CEO. She had noticed how dedicated I was to helping students, and she wanted to tell me about yet another opportunity to grow professionally within the company. I was offered to become NextGenVest's National Director of School Partnerships! Let’s see how much the average national student debt decreases after my work is done!

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