Maximize Your NYU Student ID to Get Awesome Savings

By Diana Zarowin - NYU Graduate

*You pay enough for your college tuition (hello student loan debt) that you should definitely take advantage of the money-saving perks that come along with being a student. Here are the top ones:  *

Magazine Subscriptions

Magazines cost a lot of money. Believe it or not, those some 200 odd page readers can cost as much $6/copy. Subscriptions are definitely the way to go if you plan on purchasing a specific magazine each month. Yet, though subscriptions do boast considerable savings from in-store purchases, a $25.00/year membership to Marie Claire or The Wall Street Journal can still be pricey for the average college student. You can normally find extra Wall Street Journals in the dining halls and if you’re lucky you will find a magazine collection in the library, before the copies are misplaced.


Sometimes you don’t have time between classes to stop by a dining hall. Enter: eating locales that offer sizeable student discounts. From bagels and oatmeal to frozen yogurt and pizza, having your student ID card on hand is a money-saver at so many spots around NYU’s campus (this did a lot of good for all through undergrad!). Be sure to check out some of these campus favorites and enjoy the student perks while you’re at it: Oatmeals, Bagel Bob’s, Pizza Mercato, Village Pourhouse, 16 Handles, Au Bon Pain, Space Market, and Creperie NYC.

Work It Out

Gym memberships and workout classes can be so pricey that exercise often seems like an easy thing to write off. Good news, it doesn’t have to be – not when you use your student ID, at least. Enter: workout discounts. If you’re looking to join a non-school gym, Crunch and NYSC offer affordable student rates. If gym-ming is not your calling, Yoga to the People (free with optional tip) and SacredSounds Yoga (just $10!) are two fantastic options. And, if looking for intense high-intensity interval training or barre, check out Physique57’s minimal student rate.


Perhaps the priciest vice of them all: clothes and shoes. Luckily, many top retailers (both higher and lower end) have opened their doors to even the most savvy-savers, with 10-15% student discounts. Check out some of the following popular stores and start spending: Banana Republic, H&M, Bonobos, Rent the Runway, J.Crew, Toms, Urban Outfitters, Necessary Clothing, TopShop, Asos, Ralph Lauren RUGBY, Club Monaco, Madewell, and Kate Spade.

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