Introducing #NGVMyCampus

By Max Cho, Fred Chang, Ben Stegman, Caroline Jobson, Doug Adams, Holly Chase, Amanda Price

NextGenVest is pleased to announce our Winter Media Competition, #NGVMyCampus. Created with the help of: 

  • NGV Regional Directors: Max Cho (LA), Fred Chang (NJ), Caroline Jobson (Ohio), Ben Stegman (Ohio)
  • NGV College Fellows: Doug Adams (Colorado), Holly Chase (CT), Amanda Price (NYC)

Telling stories through video is becoming a necessary skill in the world of business. NextGenVest wants to provide an opportunity for NGV Clubs around the world to practice and develop these skills while giving a personality to their on-campus efforts.

#NGVMyCampus Media Challenge includes the following: 

  • WHAT?: NGV Clubs will submit a short 1 minute video highlighting the unique elements of their NextGenVest Club, Directors, Members, and Club Topic.
  • HOW?: Creative Directors within NGV Clubs will do the first version of editing and NextGenVest Production will touch it up to make sure your Club looks great.
  • PRIZES?: The top most shared NGV Club Videos will receive prizes including - A Personalized Overture for Members of the Winning Team that attend the NGV Spring Global Summit (click here for example), Brand New NGV Swag Items, Free Chipotle Cards, Top Feature on NGV Youtube Page, and first pick at Internships. (Order of prizes to be announced before winter vacation).
  • DEADLINE?: Submissions are due January 12th and NextGenVest will be hosting a question session via Google Hangout on Wednesday, December 10th, and Sunday, December 14th. To sign up, email Stephanie.downey@nextgenvest.com.
  • MORE INFO?: All NextGenVest Clubs will be receiving additional guidelines and details via email. Please check in with your NGV Club President.

To set up a NextGenVest Club at your school and participate in the #NGVMyCampus Competition, apply here!