Introducing NextGenVest Global Voices

By Kelly Peeler, Founder & CEO of NextGenVest

Welcome to NextGenVest Global Voices, a weekly series that highlights the stories of students from around the world on key financial and life decisions.

What is NextGenVest?

NextGenVest is a mission driven start-up based in New York City that is providing the next generation of students with key financial and life skills so they can excel in the real world. Our community of students is global - from Los Angeles to Boston to Saudi Arabia to South Korea - and continues to grow through students that believe in our mission.We will feature these students and highlight their voices through this newsletter, our student-inspired courses, and our conferences. Want to join our student community? Apply here to bring NextGenVest to your school.

Why Did We Start NextGenVest? 

We started NextGenVest because we wish we had NextGenVest in high school.We learned about things like credit cards, student loans, budgeting, and investing through frustrating trial and error.We were lucky to have a great traditional education, but it wasn't enough. As it turns out, getting a 5 on the A.P. Economics Exam does not keep you out of credit card debt.With NextGenVest, we're improving the experiences students have with key financial and life decisions from the very beginning. And we're doing it with students every step of the way. Join us!

What Will The NextGenVest Global Voices Series Cover? 

Global Voices will include stories, research, and interviews of NextGenVest Ambassadors on key financial and life decisions that students make.NextGenVest Global Ambassadors are student leaders who believe in our mission and have brought NextGenVest to their schools.

Want to Contribute to the NextGenVest Global Voices Conversation? 

Any student who is passionate about our mission can apply to become a NextGenVest Global Business Leader Ambassador. Apply here and you will hear back fromt the NextGenVest Team. In the meantime, check out a few of our New Jersey Ambassadors below and follow our community on Instagram @NextGenVest.