Interview With A Professional | Gregory Rose, Management Consultant at Mckinsey & Company.

By Andrew Gabbeitt - Plymouth Regional High School - NextGenVest Global Business Leader - Plymouth Regional High School - NH, USA

During NexGenVest's Fall 2014 Global Business Leaders Summit, students had the opportunity to speak with professionals in a range of fields.  We spoke with Gregory Rose, Management Consultant at Mckinsey & Company.

Can you walk me through what your job actually entails? What do you do everyday? 

I work in small teams to help companies fix internal problems and start up on advertising. I interview clients and employees of the company to help try to identify problems and develop solutions. In addition, I complete a lot of analysis in excel.

What does your day look like from waking up to going home in the evening?

My day changes for each project but for a recent example, a rental car company hired me to help identify ways to improve utilization of the cars. During that project I got into office at 9 AM at site of client, I had to fly there. I went to the team room and usually had 1-2 meetings per day to update clients and propose new ideas. When I wasn't in meetings, I worked on current projects and met with other members of the team to see how the project is going as a whole. Mostly, I work on a computer and I usually leave the office between 7 and 10 pm depending on the difficulty of the project.

What do you like most about your job?

I like the variety of projects I'm able to work on, the job never gets boring. Companies can be skeptical of consulting and I enjoy being able to persuade them to be open to my help. I've received positive feedback on my ability to build relationships with clients.

What types of personalities or strengths are required for your job?

Someone with the ability to connect with different types of people would be a good fit for this role.

How did you learn about and land internships in college - any advice for students?

I interned at an investment bank I was introduced to through a UPenn career website. I met with upperclassmena that had internship experience and asked them for advice.

To give students a perspective of how much different careers earn, what was the starting salary of your first job? Did you think about living expenses where you lived?

I made $50,000 at my first job. It was enough money to live in NYC but I still have to be careful and watch my budget.

What business skills or financial habits do you wished you had developed in college?

I wish I learned earlier how to manage time especially when working within a group. Learning that it is not always realistic to get through the whole to-do list and how to tackle real life problems opposed to simply learning material.

What are three financial or career pieces of advice for students?

1. Search for scholarships in college that can be used for many different expenses2. Don't overspend at meals or other events because it can add up.3. Have a clear sense of loans and different investments before you get into them. Always be saving money even if it is not much.

Do you plan on trying to eventually settle in one place?

Traveling can be exhausting so, while I enjoy it, I do plan to someday work mainly from one place.

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