Interview With A Professional | Alida Brandenburg, Chief Marketing Officer, Brooklyn Labs

By Cameron Sweeney - Plymouth Regional High School - NH, USA

During NexGenVest's Fall 2014 Global Business Leaders Summit, students had the opportunity to speak with professionals in a range of fields.  We spoke with Alida Brandenburg, Chief Marketing Officer of Brooklyn Labs.

Can you walk me through what your job actually entails? What do you do every day?

I work with startups through product development, brand development, digital marketing, and social media. I manage social media accounts, check on product management, work with creative team to check on marketing assists, reach out to partners to help promote a certain product, help develop marketing campaigns, and make sure visual elements are up to par with brand.

What does your day look like from waking up to going home in the evening?

First thing I do is check up on emails and social media accounts.  It's very important for me to stay on top of social media trends through reading blogs and catching up on new content. I'll check my agenda from the prior day that may be unfinished, work with the creative team and other teams. I do creative brainstorming and a lot of citing, a lot of what I do is research and seeing what is working for other people. I have a science degree and I enjoy analyzing the statistics of the company.

What do you like most about your job? 

i love the culture of working in a technology industry.  It is always changing and filled with young ambitious people. People are always looking to try new things and not relying on tradition.

What types of personalities or strengths are required for your job? 

You need to be a very social, and outgoing person for this job. And you have to be ok with talking and telling stories while engaging with other people.

What is one thing you would have done differently financially in college and why?

I was very fiscally responsible but I should have gone for more scholarships, mostly because food and housing were really damaging to the pocket.

How did you learn about and land internships in college - any advice for students?

Connected with teachers and saw what opportunities really collaborated with what she believed in, internships can be more of a burden than a help so realize that.

To give students a perspective of how much different careers earn, what was the starting salary of your first job? Did you think about living expenses where you lived?

I made about $32,000 at my first job. I lived in the Bay Area, which meant living expenses were relatively high, so that highly influenced the decision on what job to take.

What business skills or financial habits do you wished you had developed in college? 

I wish I learned more about the stock market. I was given stocks of pandora and had absolutely no idea what to do with it.

What are important pieces of financial or career advice for students?

Consider the culture of where you are working, know that most career paths are not linear, make sure you like the job that you are doing, and don’t say no to opportunities.

What is one challenge of your job?

Social media is very new and people are still trying to understand. There are always new social networks that are being created, and we're constantly working on figuring out what actually works.

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