Interview Spotlight: Dawn Quaker, Co-Founder and COO - Dreamers and Doers

By Amanda Vasilakis - The Ursuline School

Dawn Quaker is the Co-Founder and Chief Operating Officer of Dreamers and Doers, and she “dreams of helping to close the gender gap in the workplace and inspiring and teaching the next generation of entrepreneurs.”  Dreamers and Doers is a social referral and info network for women for “female founders, aspiring entrepreneurs, individuals who work at startups, and various other types of female creators and change-makers.”.  Women dominate most social media space, with the exception of LinkedIn.  This network is meant specifically to connect ambitious women in a supportive and positive environment.

Dawn advises that before embarking on any sort of venture, you ask yourself two questions.  First, “Who are you?”  (What skills, talents and knowledge do you have?)  Second, “What do you want?”  (What do you want to impact or change?)

Dawn stressed to us that once you make the decision to enter a sector, you need to have the hustle not only to get started but to be successful.  It isn’t glamorous - you must be able work extremely hard.  She suggests surrounding yourself with individuals who are smarter than you, so that you are constantly learning.  It is important to embrace others talents and successes, not to perceive them as threats to your own success.  Finally, Dawn advised us to find a balance between school work and our long term goals.  Your passions shouldn’t be put aside because you are still in school and, conversely, your school work shouldn’t be neglected to follow your passion.