Important Things to Consider when Looking at a Dorm

Moving in to the dorm at your college can be exciting or nerve-wracking, depending on how you feel. Here are just a few things to keep in mind about your dorm so you won't be taken by surprise on move-in day.


There are a few different layouts for dorm bathrooms, and it's important to know which one your dorm has. Most of them are community bathrooms, meaning there is one bathroom/shower area to be shared by everyone in your corner of the dorm. This can be up to 8-10 people, maybe more, maybe less. Some dorms are set up suite style, so there will be one private bathroom that is only shared between you and your roommate(s).


It's important to ask how many people will be in your dorm room. While most people assume it will just be them and one other person, some dorm rooms will have a total of three or even four people. Make sure you ask ahead of time so you won't be caught off guard by your new roommates. Also, most colleges have a way for you to contact your future roommate, so you can get to know them before you move in with them!

What's Available to You?

Besides a place to sleep and shower, what else does your dorm include? Some dorms will come with a full kitchen in the building, so you can make use of an oven or stove if you want to. Some will have study rooms for you and your friends to use, or even a room just to chill and watch TV! It's important to know exactly what you'll have access to in your dorm.

How Far Is It from Your Classes?

If you can, figure out how far away your dorm is from the rest of the buildings on campus. If you go to a big university and your dorm room is quite a ways away from the cafeteria and your classes, you might want to consider bringing a bike with you to college, or just leaving early enough in the mornings so you'll get there on time. You'll want to keep this in mind, especially when figuring out how early you'll need to get up for class once college starts.