How to Write a Unique Personal Statement

When it comes to personal statements, your statement should be unique and enlightening. Personal statements inform the university's admissions officers about what kind of person you are. However, these officers read hundreds of personal statements each day during admissions season. Therefore, it is essential that you make your essay stand out. Here are some tips to do just that!

Do Not Write a Summary of Your Life

One of the biggest mistakes that students make when writing their personal statements is that they try to cram every moment of their life into the essay. However, there are only a limited number of words available and admissions officers are looking for essays that most effectively convey a message. Therefore, writing a synopsis of your life will surely bore the admissions officer. Instead, focus on one specific, special event and give a lot of details to make your essay interesting to read!

Tell a Story

Your personal statement should capture an greater aspect of your life through a story. This gives a specific focus to your paper and will keep the admissions officer interested. For example, if you learned something about yourself during a trip, you can write about the specific moment during that trip and what you were doing when you made that discovery, rather than simply stating what you learned. Be creative, but don't make stuff up! Admissions officers are pros at detecting lies.

Start Early

It is extremely crucial to start brainstorming topics early because procrastinating on the brainstorming process will result in a subpar and cliché topic. The brainstorming process should be on going over several months. Make some lists and talk to your teachers about what they think of each potential topic. Eventually, something will click and you will have the perfect topic.

Just Start Writing

Once you have your topic, it is important to immediately put it on paper to fuel your essay writing process. Once you have written your first draft, leave it for a while and do not think about it. When you come back to it, you will have a fresher perspective and you'll be able to see how you can improve it more clearly. Don't let the fear of writing a bad first draft stop you from getting a head start. Your first draft is just the beginning!