How to Stay Productive Over the Summer

School's out, scream and shout!

Summer is a time of happiness and relaxation free from academic worries and stress. Though most of us probably prefer to have fun for 3 months rather than work, staying productive over the summer can provide great advantages and opportunities in the years to come. Despite the scorching hot weather that summer brings, it's the perfect time to remind ourselves not to procrastinate and to keep it cool!


Start Early

Though it may be painful to have that annoying alarm clock go off at 8 AM in the summer, starting your days early can be the difference between feeling happy and getting work done or feeling lethargic and procrastinating. Especially since summertime afternoons are uncomfortably hot, take advantage of the mornings and get some work done! You'll feel much more accomplished knowing that you finished reading that 300-page novel by 11 AM instead of falling asleep with the book on your face at 4 PM.


Watch What You Eat

Not having school from 7 AM to 4 PM every day can become boring at times, but it's very important to always be mindful of what you're eating on the daily. It's far too easy to cave into temptation of mint chocolate chip ice cream when the weather outside is too hot--trust me, I've been a victim of this countless times. However, the more unhealthy calories we ingest, the lazier we feel, and ultimately, the less we feel the motivation to work. Constantly reminding yourself to have a light, nourishing lunch or dinner can be a great start or end to your day. You'll also most definitely be in the mood to be more productive on an energized stomach!

Reward Yourself

Though staying productive over the summer has its benefits, make sure you're not working 24/7 either. Work hard, play hard! After a long week of typing up that research report, treat yourself to some well-deserved time-off. If you've been good about saving up money over the year, reward yourself with a vacation! Now's the perfect time to travel. Many people always forget this tip because they're way too focused on getting their work done. However, a person who never has fun won't be satisfied with himself or herself. So let's all go venture out!