How to Save Money on the SAT: 3 Tips From the NGV College Fellow Deep Dive

By The NextGenVest Team

This past Saturday NextGenVest’s Global Club Members had one-on-one time with our College Fellows. Students from Princeton, Harvard, and Duke University answered all their questions about ways to prepare for the SAT outside of costly prep courses.

NGV Students started the day with pressing questions on their minds:

  • Luke DeMonico (@NGVmcst): "How do I get the most out of my SAT studying?"
  • Brianna Gelsomini (@NGVbkhs): "Are SAT Prep Classes worth it? And if so, Which do you recommend?"
  • Ashley Pajer (@NGVPlainview): "Is there a particular studying strategy you recommend?"


Here are just a few things they learned:

  • Samantha R. (@NGVbkhs): "A great study strategy is to take a SAT practice test and see where you need improvement. Then, work on your weakest subject for two weeks. After two weeks, take another practice test to see how you've improved." Thanks @NGVHarvard! 
  • Diamante O. (@NGVtywlsbk): "Tutors are costly and aren't really worth it if you're an independent student. A tutor can help keep you accountable for studying but, if you make a calendar and stick to it, you can keep yourself accountable." Thanks @NGVPrinceton! 
  • Ashley P. (@NGVPlainview): "Set an alloted time aside every day for the test. Use that time to study, go over problems, and review your answers to practice tests you've taken." Thanks @NGVDuke!

What are NGV Deep Dives?

NextGenVest Deep Dives are built around the philosophy that wisdom comes from experience. NextGenVest aims to share knowledge between NGV College Fellows and high school students through in-depth, personalized help sessions called "Deep Dives."

Deep Dives cover hot button topics for the average high-school student, such as student loans, financial aid, and preparing for your future.

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