How to Get a Job as a High School Student: First Steps

Once you get a job, taxes are taken out of every paycheck you get and given to the government. This officially makes you a functioning member of society! Scary, right? Well, getting a job is much less intimidating if you just follow these three easy steps.

Make a Resumé

The first thing you want to do when you're applying for jobs is write up a resumé. Even if you've never had a job before, there's still plenty of things you can list. Write down everything you're involved with in school, including all clubs, activities, and leadership positions you hold. If you babysit, write that down, and ask the parents you babysit for if they would be willing to be your references for future employers to contact. Anything unrelated to school can go on your resumé as well, such as participation in sports teams, acting classes, or church volunteering. It's also helpful to note what your current GPA is and if you're taking pre-AP or AP classes. This all shows that you're a hard-working, well-rounded individual.

Apply Everywhere

You're almost certainly not going to get the first job you apply for, so apply to a ton of places. Check out jobs in retail, restaurants, and any other places you can think of! Keep an eye out for openings and apply to them quickly, and follow up. Send that extra email to the hiring manager and ask them to check on the opening. Be persistent, but always be polite and professional.

Make a Personal Connection

In today's digital world, most applications will be online, but it helps enormously to actually go into the place where you're applying and introduce yourself. This allows whoever is going to be hiring you to match a face to your application and know who they'll be hiring. This also paints you as someone who is going to work hard to go after their goals, which is something employers are seriously looking for when they're hiring.

Getting a job can be a daunting prospect, especially if you've never done it before, but as long as you work hard to get what you want and make sure your future employers know that, then you'll be working hard and making some money in no time!